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Why You Should Use Landing Pages

A landing page is an independent web page, separate from your website’s main navigation, developed and designed to encourage a visitor to take action (to sign up, fill out a form, email, call, download etc.)

Why You Should Use Landing Pages.

  • They improve the user’s online experience. …
  • They can generate leads and improve conversions. …
  • They promote new products and services. …
  • They are focused with a clear message. …
  • They improve your online credibility. …
  • They can be tested & tracked….
  • They can help increase your web traffic. …
  • They gather leads from your search traffic.

Landing pages are designed & developed to help convert traffic into a lead, and landing page optimization improves your chances of converting every visitor into an interested buyer.

LANDING PAGE vs Other Website Pages

An “about” page can help inform the visitor, and your homepage can serve as a general overview of your business, but most times website visitors want more targeted info that matches what they are searching for.

Busy consumers want specific answers to their specific needs, and they want them served on a silver platter without any distractions.

To better grow your business ads should attract prospects to targeted landing pages that reinforce what you’re selling.

So if you’re promoting an “Open House” and someone clicks on your ad, the landing page they’re brought to should be exactly about that open house.

Imagine sending someone to a page that talks about something else instead and forces the visitor to search for the “open house”. Most visitors will not and they will leave your site frustrated at the poor experience.

You want your landing page to be targeted, with a focused and personalized design that matches what you are selling.

Your prospects will have certain expectations after clicking on your ad, and your landing page, must meet those expectations; otherwise your visitors will not stay long.

Increase conversions

Landing pages are designed & developed to help convert traffic into a lead, and landing page optimization improves your chances of converting every visitor into an interested buyer.

Landing pages improve conversions because they help direct visitors to take the action that you want them to

Too many distractions, like on a website’s “Home page” or an “About Page” will dilute your ad’s message that brought the visitor to your page in the 1st place.

The objective of landing page optimization is to create pages that improve engagement with the target audience so that more leads are acquired through paid search

Industry leader, Google, highly prioritizes landing page experience, determining whether or not to show your AdWords ads based on the page visitors click throughs

And according to many industry leaders:
A Facebook ad is nothing without a Facebook landing page. You need to attract people to click on your message, but at the same time, you’ll need to keep them interested once they do it. (source getresponse)

In Summary:

A well designed and optimized landing page can help increase your marketing efforts, and help improve your ad’s conversion rate.

Traditional web pages, like your homepage, serve their purpose, but they are not as effective as a targeted landing page when it comes to orchestrating website visitor’s to take specific actions

By directing your prospects to a page with many navigation links and diverse content, you’re distracting them and diluting your ad’s message.

A targeted landing page that reinforces your ads message will engage the prospect, enhance their experience and make them more likely to take the desired action you want them to.

Target your market area and audience thru proven and trackable Integrated Digital Campaigns!

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