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Increased web traffic is important, and even better when that traffic correlates directly to sales. This is possible, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout this pandemic, we are sure your phones have been buzzing with alerts. What if your target audience received notifications about your business in a similar fashion and timely manner?

They would have up-to-date information about your services and would be more inclined to purchase from you, or at the very least, look at your website.
This is possible, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Start with email marketing. Make the subject of your email authentic. For example, “Finally, you’re cleaning up!” and use the body of the email to highlight your products that help the consumer to declutter. Every email is a new opportunity to show your product/ services in a new way.

Personalized content for your audience is valuable. Psychology plays a powerful role in marketing. Answer the following questions about your audience and product/services. Incorporate the answers when creating your content:

  •  What is your audience most concerned about during COVID-19?
  •  What is your audience prioritizing during COVID-19?
  •  How is your audience spending their time during COVID-19?
  •  What is your audience looking forward to post-pandemic?
  •  How can you send reassurance to your audience?
  •  How can your product/services assist your audience during this time?
  •  Expand on how your product/ service has been branded pre-pandemic. Can you afford to give your audience a discount for their purchase today, or for a future purchase?
  •  How can you get your audience to see the world post pandemic? Include your product/ services.

Just like your state government on COVID-19 communication, keep consistent contact with your consumer base. It is easy for consumers to assume that your business has closed due to COVID-19. Whether or not your product/ services are being offered at this time, it is essential that your customers are continuously reminded of your brand.

Consistent communication can easily be done through a drip campaign.

Take some time to create a lineup of messages to reach your audience. These messages should have a uniform theme that runs throughout. An effective theme for the next few months could be: Quarantine Relief. It is okay if your product is not in every message during the pandemic, because your business name and voice will be. This campaign is a time for your audience to build an emotional connection and loyalty to your brand.

We at HNL Marketing are committed to giving you accessible and supportive marketing strategies. Knowing this is a challenging time for businesses, we are here to help keep you motivated and assist you in your marketing needs.