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Social media engagement is possible to maintain during COVID-19

Social media engagement is possible to maintain and increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers are spending more time interacting with social media, allowing your product/ services to be seen.

We have put together a list of tips for you to continue your marketability in the midst of these uncertain times.

1. Post every day: You want to remain connected with your audience and remind them that your product/ services will be there when life returns to normal.

2. Connect with your audience on a personal level: COVID-19 is affecting the global community. Take this opportunity to step away from writing the perfect copy or creating an impeccable graphic, and instead relate to your target audience on a personal level. Make a statement that truly comes from your heart and show consumers that your brand understands the hardship our world is facing. Your product/ services may not be available at this time, but your statement can bring reassurance, comfort, or cheer in a time when it is needed.

3. Create: This time may allow your business to focus on creation. Use these upcoming weeks to create ideas, visuals, partnerships, and social media posts that you can put forth post pandemic. When commerce picks up again you may not find time to create.

4. Engage: Respond, “like,” and repost to comments and content. Make your audience feel noticed by replying to them or clicking that “heart” on Facebook and/or Instagram. Mention other businesses in your posts and show your audience the network of brands you identify with. Audiences from other brands will see this and will be interested to look at your page.

5. Give back: Show your audience that your business is helping essential workers during this time. People want to see the businesses that they support, and in turn support the community. Set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to send free meals to your local hospital workers. Right now, everyone is looking for a way to contribute, and you can give them a direct way to do that.

Staying active on social media is crucial during these difficult times as it is the safest and most conducive way to maintain and grow your consumer base.

We at HNL Marketing want to see your business thrive. We stand by all of you struggling to keep your passion, craft, and business alive. Keep on hustling. We look forward to seeing your consumer base grow. Contact us for a complimentary marketing consultation.