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QR Codes & Marketing

We would like to introduce QR Codes and tie them in to our previous blog Marketing Update.

The QRC technology has existed for almost 30 years and in the past was somewhat cumbersome to use because it required downloading unique devices and trackers to operate.

However, there have been many recent advances and upgrades with QR Codes that ironically were expedited by the COVID pandemic. A common example of this is how many restaurants now utilize QR Codes to present / display their menus with a seamless interface for the patron. This is because all standard smartphones now have the QRC technology built right into their cameras.

Because of these recent updates and common utilization, QR Codes can and should be used for your printed materials whenever possible. This is a dynamic way for you to integrate offline and online marketing services.

We would strongly suggest you incorporate this into your flyers, business cards, lawn signs, door hangers, and your mailers such as EDDM.

Every door direct mail (EDDM) is when the sender chooses a specific mail route(s) to have their flyers/promotions/literature delivered to every address on that route(s). This has always been a very effective way to canvas and market yourself in a particular neighborhood(s) and with the addition of a QR Code it can now be even more powerful!

For example, you can create a landing page all about your experience and expertise of a particular neighborhood and direct the traffic from the QR Code, on the EDDM, to that page. To provide the reader with the most beneficial experience you can include such things as: Market Reports, offerings like CMA’s, and community resources.

In conclusion, to make a campaign like this even more impactful, we would highly recommend adding a paid geo targeting ad(s) that also focuses on this same neighborhood to maximize your exposure to those residents.

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