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Integrated Marketing that covers both Digital & Offline

We have come up with two ways to seamlessly combine online and offline marketing strategies:

Incorporating both online and offline marketing campaigns increases your opportunities with consumers. Often times when business owners begin their marketing efforts, they only focus on online or offline exclusively.

It’s understandable that when starting out you easily get wrapped up in other areas of the business, which can cause marketing to fall flat. You may have a great product, but if someone doesn’t see your social media post or drive by your billboard, they have no way of knowing you exist.

Here’s  two ways to seamlessly combine online and offline marketing strategies:

1. Billboard and Social Media Campaigns:

Purchasing an ad on a billboard allows you to attract consumers offline. Most likely they’ll be commuting to and from work or driving kids to and from school. This means your billboard will be targeted to adults above the age of 22. Combining this with a social media campaign allows you to reach everyone who either does not commute to work, does not have kids to take to school, or does not drive.

2. EDDM and Google My Business:

EDDM, also known as Every Door Direct Mail, allows you to target consumers in a specific area. For example, if your product or service is in the city you could send flyers or promotions to people right outside of the neighborhood where your business is to attract the consumers that may not pass your company on a daily basis. Combining EDDM with Google My Business allows people beyond the neighborhood to see your company online. Consumers will be able to see a photo of your business as well as the address, phone number, and hours open.

It’s also important to keep in mind online and offline services to sell. Online services to sell can include a digital coupon or a video of an employee teaching the consumer how to use a product, or giving tips on something related to your product and/or service. Offline service to sell can include physical coupons, gift cards, or adding a free giveaway with your product/service when purchased.

At HNL Marketing we are experienced in all forms of marketing. We love getting creative and finding unique ways for you to reach consumers and make your product/services known!

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