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As it has been quite some time since we last spoke, I hope you and your Family are doing well during these unprecedented times.

When we did last speak, I was either in Corporate IT or Franchise Sales. I’m happy to say I’m still in sales, and currently the Director of Business Development with H&L Marketing.

H&L Marketing is a full service, Integrated Marketing Agency, associated with Home & Land, that has been in business for 15+ years. We provide a wide array of Marketing Services from “Business Cards to Billboards”, from “Traditional to Innovative” and would be happy to help you and your business with any of your marketing needs.

Please contact me to schedule a brief Discovery Call to address your marketing interests or to just say hello. I’d love to hear from you. My cell phone is still (732) 740-9060.

Once again, I hope this message reaches you in good health and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Regards, take care and stay healthy,

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