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Homes & Land Magazine

Homes & Land Magazine for Mercer, Union and Middlesex counties is everywhere you need it to be. We distribute more than 20,000 copies of each issue in more than 500 locations across central New Jersey, Staten Island and Brooklyn. We’re even in Penn Station New York! Plus, each new issue of the magazine is sent to nearly 10,000 digital subscribers every time a new issue is published and has a great social media presence! When all is said and done, that kind of outreach adds up to more than 35,000 impressions. Pretty impressive, right?

Luxury Syndication

There are hundreds of online real estate portals. When you advertise with us, we make sure your luxury listings appear on those that matter, like the Robb Report, DuPont Registry,

New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Unique Homes and Mansion Global and many more. 

Ads That Reach The Right Prospects

Listing and branding ads can improve any marketing campaign – especially when they reach a highly pre-qualified audience of prospects, and with Homes & Land, they will. According to a BowStern readership survey, 76 percent of our readers trust our advertising, and nearly 84 percent are likely to do business with our advertisers. 

Need we say more? 

Actually, we do. We’ve got bells and whistles galore, including mailing the issue with an endorsement letter to your homeowners, and distributing your listings to our social media platform and a premium group of real estate websites.

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