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Here’s why your business needs a CRM

Customer relationship management has BIG benefits

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In today’s fast moving digital world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to manage their relationship with their customers effectively. As these customers navigate the ever-growing meta-verse, shiny new options constantly tempt customers away from your business.

So, how can you best retain existing customers while attracting new ones? By putting in place a solid CRM system. A CRM, or customer relationship management system, helps businesses manage their relationship with customers.


First and foremost, a CRM prioritizes storing and managing customers’ data.

Then, that data is used to develop valuable insights, forecast future sales, and automate current marketing and sales. With all your customer information in one central database, you are able to automate tasks based on a clear understanding of your customer’s behavior, and better reach your business’s short and long-term goals.

A good CRM will capture your interactions with customers on every platform, from social media to blogs to websites, all the while identifying which keywords are bringing the most attention to your own site. And you use that data to plan ongoing targeted marketing campaigns.

Of course, it’s important to remember that:

When it comes to customer relationship management, the cost of attracting a new client is up to 25 times that of keeping an existing one. In other words, holding on to the customers you already have is crucial to your success.

A CRM can help retain these existing customers by making sure you aren’t neglecting their needs or failing to focus on them. The CRM reminds the salespeople to regularly make contact and automates emails to customers.

That automation of emails, sales contacts, service tickets, and more

Save time and makes business activity more efficient and less error-prone. With a CRM, you are measuring everything from customer satisfaction to sales to marketing campaign success. And with all of this data, you are able to make intelligent data-driven decisions that benefit your business by increasing sales and customer retention.

Unfortunately, establishing a CRM can seem a bit overwhelming when you are already busy with the many tasks of running a business. Thankfully, there are agencies like H&L Marketing that can manage your CRM for you.

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