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8 Digital Marketing Strategy Insights For Massive Agency Growth In 2023

If there’s one statement that rings true for marketers, it’s that “change is the only constant.”The marketing landscape can be unpredictable, particularly with the challenges and uncertainty of the past few years.   According to CallRail’s agency growth surveys, 94% of small businesses were seeking help from a marketing agency after the 2020 shutdowns. And this year’s report reveals […]

Instagram's In-App Scheduling

Instagram Scheduling Tool for All Professional Accounts

Instagram is rolling out an in-app scheduling tool to all professional accounts in its app, the company has announced. The new tool allows businesses and creators to schedule their posts in advance without having to use third-party apps or Creator Studio. Social media managers and creators have long relied on third-party tools to schedule posts on […]

H&L Marketing - Market Research

Social Media & The Global Market

The social media market consists of sales by entities (organizations, sole traders or partnerships) that enable customers to interact, create and share content and information. Social media enables users to share pictures, videos, and audio files. This market includes revenues from sales from advertisements and other services offered on social media platforms.   The main […]

Here’s why your business needs a CRM

Customer relationship management has BIG benefits In today’s fast moving digital world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to manage their relationship with their customers effectively. As these customers navigate the ever-growing meta-verse, shiny new options constantly tempt customers away from your business. So, how can you best retain existing customers while attracting new […]

Top NINE ways to optimize your business’ website

You want to increase traffic to your business’s website. But where do you begin?   Boosting your website’s traffic is all about optimization. An optimized site gets higher search engine rankings and offers an improved user experience.  To help you understand the basics of website optimization, we’ve gathered this list of ten tools that will […]

To build success, nurture client relationships.

The importance of customer engagement in building your business  Relationships need nurturing. And this rule applies to more than just our personal connections. Just like our significant personal ties, our business relationship with our clients needs tending and attention.  So if you want to maintain a successful business, you can’t afford to get lazy with […]

Brand Awareness – The 1st Step to your Success

Common sense tells us that shoppers are more likely to purchase from a company whose brand name they are familiar with.  And the numbers back up that sentiment.  Studies show that 59% of consumers prefer to buy a new product from a brand they are already aware of. So with brand awareness so critical to […]

The Top Four Marketing Trends of 2022

  The marketing industry evolves quickly, and those businesses that can’t keep up are likely to be left behind. That’s why it’s vital to stay on top of and even ahead of digital marketing trends to give your business a competitive edge. Because today’s consumers are digital-savvy. With a virtual world that is now just […]

The Modern Marketing Funnel Isn’t a Funnel at All

If you’ve been involved in marketing in the modern era, you’re familiar with the call for the death of the marketing funnel. But is it really dead?? No…not really. What IS true is that the funnel is no longer THE marketing strategy. Back when the business world controlled the marketplace, the funnel made the most […]

QR Codes & Marketing

We would like to introduce QR Codes and tie them in to our previous blog Marketing Update. The QRC technology has existed for almost 30 years and in the past was somewhat cumbersome to use because it required downloading unique devices and trackers to operate. However, there have been many recent advances and upgrades with […]